How to Copy: Already Backed Up Games for Xbox 360?


Hi, i was going to flash my friends xbox 360 for him. Id like to make copies of my game backups ( not the original games disks) Im not too sure on how to approach this. Ive heard that i must use a BEN-Q with 0800 firmware flashed onto it? or do we not need to do that anymore? i already use my ihas drive to burn the xbox 360 games as usual. im just not sure if i need to back up my backups with ay specific drive or anything else like that. Can i just place a backup in my computer, make an iso via imgburn from the disk, then reburn it onto my verbatim dl disks?

Thanks for listening and hopefully someone out there can give me some insight towards copying my already burnt games.


Benq/liteon drives were needed to make backups of orig games,but copies for the old xgd2 games just a dl burner and imgburn and rip the iso and burn onto new dl disc.For xgd3 get an overburn burner like a sony optiarc and again just rip iso using imgburn and burn to new disc.Been out of all this for a while now but im preety sure this is right.


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