What if the Xbox One Games Deleted and Reinstalled?

XBOX ONE Digital Games HELP!


So I got an Xbox One bundled with a digital copy of the Halo: Master Chief Collection. I was just wondering if I can delete that and have the option to reinstall it in the future. Is this possible? And if it is, will I still need the code that came with the game?

Answer 1:

It's basically the same as the x360-platform was. You can delete the downloaded stuff, and you can download it again without using the (already redeemed) code. But you will need access to your account.
You can make yourself familiar with the basics here:
Digital Rights Management | Xbox 360


Answer 2:

to find any deleted games off your system go to my games & apps scroll all the way to the right hold RT + LT and Press X.. this will show u all games purchased and playable on your console...


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