Earn Money with JuicyAds for your Adult Business!

It's always a webmaster's wish to understand the website traffic and monetize it with reliable ads. But when it comes to the adult business, it's pretty tough to find out the most reliable and highest cpm rated advertising firm. If you're looking for ads for these kind of things then Juicyads company can suits your business.

Juicyads is the comprehensive website for both publishers and advertisers. Because they have widely using advertiser network.

They also have various type of advertising settings like pop-under, google friendly mobile pop-ads, small interstitial ads...

Earn Money with Juicy Ads

If you want to earn much more Money a day by Juicy Ads, you need to generate huge traffic to your site.

Traffic generating have many sub-methods, like watermarking, forum posting, creating unique videos or changing the titles of existing videos and re-posting. You need to find rare videos and also it must be capable of future populism.

Generate Traffic to your Adult Site

  • Find and register most popular tube sites and upload your watermarked videos. It will spread all other leecher tube sites soon. Then you will get huge traffic.
  • Zip or Rar your videos with your website link password then upload to file hosting sites. After that post to popular adult forums. But be careful for being banned. Read all of those rules.
  • Create unique articles or video titles on your website and do on-site/off-site seo with both link building and Meta description optimizing.

Use all of the Juicyads ad sizes/spots to Maximize your Daily Earnings

  • Find and create all of the different type of ads and put them all of your website places
  • Use pop-under, mobile pop-ads, and place cpc ads into posts.

Using Three Different CPC Ads inside of Posts can give you extra bucks!

U can use three different ad types inside of your blog posts or tube site video placements because most of visitor can easily blind and mix ads with videos. Then they easily click to post ads.

Comparing and Estimating Ads Earnings with Daily Traffic:

When we want to estimate our ad earnings with traffic, we found approximately 1000 unique traffic equals to 1 $.

So if you get 2000 daily UV(unique view) you will probably get 2 $ with juicyads.

We can create a simple estimation table for this:

2000 UV = 2 $

20000 UV = 20 $

200000 UV = 200 $ These are the minimum estimated earnings that you can earn by Juicyads. You can get much more than that. It all depends on CPM and CPC Advertiser bids.

Note: If you use Popads for your pop-under ads you can earn much more than Juicyads pop-ads. Because popads advertiser bids are higher than that.


So, don’t wait and register to JuicyAds Now!:

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