Kim Kardashian’s All Content Is Banning On Popular Gossip Site

Perez Hilton is banning all Kardashian content for 1 week

Perez Hilton is going on a Kardashian "kleanse."

The blogger is clearly tired of staying aware of the Kardashians, and has pledged to a webpage wide, week-long media power outage on the well known gang.

"From August 17-21, you can come here for the majority of the juiciest excitement news without must be besieged by Kim Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner, and everybody in the middle! All Kardashians, Jenners and their sweethearts/spouses/exes! Their children too!!!" a blog entry declared Tuesday.

Set up of Kardashian news, the post expresses the site will include "day by day motivating stories about astonishing ladies from all around the globe."

We should trust the Kardashians troll Perez by declaring a pregnancy, marriage and separate all inside of that week.

In the interim, at Mashable, we will be posting triple the measure of Kardashian news for the week of Aug. 17-21 to compensate.*

*I have no power to choose this.

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