World Trade Center Jumpers are in front of the Judge…!

World Trade Center jumpers 'sullied memory' of 9/11 dead

Two base jumpers who parachuted off New York's One World Trade Center "sullied the recollections" of 9/11 casualties, a judge has said.

(L-R) Andrew Rossig, Marco Markovich, James Brady appear at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York May 6, 2014

Andrew Rossig, 34, and James Brady, 33, were indicted neglectful risk and unapproved moving regarding the hop in September 2013.


They were fined $2,000 (£1,285) each on Monday and given group administration.

The pair jumped from the highest point of the 104-story high rise subsequent to sneaking through a gap in a development wall.

A third jumper, Marko Markovich, will be sentenced on 17 August.

Base hopping is a great game, which includes jumping from high structures with a parachute.

Security specialist watches out for travelers at Ground Zero and One World Trade Center on 4 July, 2015

One World Trade Center is one of the world's tallest structures at 514m (1,686ft) high

The jumpers shot their evening time misuses at One World Trade Center utilizing head protector cameras and posted the feature on the web.

The building, which was still under development at the time, is situated at the same site where 2,700 lost their lives in the Islamist assault on 11 September 2001.

Security worker keeps an eye on tourists at Ground Zero and One World Trade Center on 4 July, 2015

It contains an exhibition hall and commemoration greenery enclosure committed to the individuals who kicked the bucket.

Judge Juan Merchan said: "These respondents discolored the building before it even opened and sullied the recollections of the individuals who hopped on 9/11, not for game but rather on the grounds that they needed to."

In June, a jury cleared each of the three men of the more genuine indictment of thievery.

Talking in the wake of sentencing, Rossig apologized for his activities and promised never to parachute in New York City again.

"We comprehend that what we did could have imperiled other individuals and it's never going to happen again," he included

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